Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Style 139

This evening separates collection includes the instructions for the long skirt, chiffon skirt, bustier, shoulder piece, and lace shrug.  These five pieces can be mixed and matched to create at least six different looks.


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I got so bogged down sewing these outfits that I forgot to take pictures of each step.  I hope to add some pictures later.
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 Baste the lace to the underlining pieces

 Darts and seams

 Side seams

 Stitch lining to bustier

Turn bustier right-side out and machine or hand stitch the open end closed.

Clip the edge of the lace off.

 Pin and stitch the lace trim to the top and bottom of the bustier.


Shoulder Piece

 Baste the lace to the underlining pieces

 Shoulder seams

 Stitch the lining to the shoulder piece

 Turn the shoulder piece right-side out, and stitch the open end closed.

 Lace trim and loops


 The shoulder piece hooks to the bustier.

Thread loops on the bustier

Chiffon Skirt

 Finish the back edges with the narrow hem, and gather stitch the top of the skirt.

 Stitch the skirt to the waistband

 Remember to fold the back edge of the skirt up.

Finish the back edge of the underlining with a narrow hem and stay-stitch the top of the underlining.
Long Skirt

 Side seams, darts, and bottom of the skirt stitched to the lining.

 Stitch lace trim to the bottom of the sleeves.

Underarm seams

 Lace trim around the shrug

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Style 138


This lovely dress was inspired by the outfit Grace Kelly wore in 1955 when she met her future husband Prince Rainier of Monaco.      

For more photos and information about this outfit, click here

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 Bodice Darts
 Shoulder Seams
 Ease stitch tops of sleeves.
Sleeves stitched into the armholes.


 Sleeve hems


 Underarm seams

 Skirt stitched to the skirt lining

 Skirt gathered and stitched to the bodice
 Back seam
 Press back seam open
 Skirt lining pinned to the back opening
 Bodice lining stitched to the waist
 Lining stitched to back opening
 Dress doll and pull down on the skirt to find the skirt hem, press.
 Turn belt right side out and press.  Hand stitch the opening closed.
 Press tucks into the belt.

 Tack the center of the belt to the back right dart.
 More snaps

add photo of belt knot

 Painting the buckle
 Press the knot
 Fray check one end of the ribbon.
 Lay the twist tie on the ribbon.
 Fold up the ends and stitch along the edges.  Mark the center of the ribbon.
 The flowers, pins, and beads
 Start at the center and work your way to the end.
 The end flower doesn't have a bead in the center.
 Insert ball ended pins into the center of the end flowers