Sunday, December 16, 2012

Style 115

 This adorable dress was inspired by a costume worn by January Jones in "Mad Men".

I love this design.

For more information about this outfit click here.

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 Center front bodice pieces sewn together.

View from the wrong side

Sleeve hems have been finished, pressed up.  Ease stitch the top of the sleeves.

Bodice lining stitched to the bodice front.  I did not line the sleeves, to reduce bulk.

Notice how the front seam allowances are directed towards the center front.

Bottom of the bodice lining has been stitched and pressed up.

Bodice lining neckline has been under stitched.

Inside view of the dress.  Lining has been tacked to the bodice front at the seams.

Lining has been tacked at the shoulder seams.  Sleeves are hand hemmed.


Measure from the table up to mark the skirt.  Make sure your doll is standing up straight.

Sew the snap to the back of the belt.  I like to offset the belt a little to keep the two snaps at the waist from being right on top of each other.

Pin the extra belt up to make the bow.

Underside of the belt with the bow knot.

Belt with bow

Belt on dress.

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