Friday, January 18, 2013

Style 117

This dress was inspired by a 1957 Modes Royale design. 
It may look like a simple sheath, but it's not.  I love this design though, and plan to try this pattern in brocade and also in lace.

After all the darts and side seams are sewn on the dress and the lining, stitch the top of the dress to the lining.  Leave the armholes free.

Under-stitch the lining.

Cut 1/2" off the bottom of the lining, stitch the bottom of the dress to the lining, and under-stitch the lining.

Press the pleats into the bodice drape.



Put the dress on the doll and pin the bodice drape to the front of the sheath.
Finish the edges of the chiffon sash with a small zig zag.

Trim the raw edge away with small sharp scissors.

Gather or pleat one end of each sash.

Preparing the armholes

Pin the armholes to the sheath with the sash and bodice drape sandwiched inside them.

Hand stitch the armholes to the sheath.


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