Monday, February 10, 2014

Style 124

This ensemble was inspired by this 1950 Balenciaga creation

For more information about this outfit click here.


Click on any photo to make it bigger.  These photos have been lightened a lot to show the detail.

 Darts, back seam, and shoulder seams

 Lining pieces

 Stay stitch the neckline



 Collar and sleeves

 Underarm and side seams

 Pressing the underarm and side seams


 Stitch lining to jacket



 Mark the center of the cuffs with pins

 Snaps and cuffs


 Darts and side seams

 Cut off bottom of lining

Hand stitch back opening closed


 Center back seams

 Stitch top and bottom of cape, leave the ends open

 Mark the fold lines on the cape

 Zig zag the ends

 Press the pleats

 My super awesome tassel maker.  I think I wore mine out.
To purchase a tassel maker click here.

 I put tape on the back of my tassel maker to hold the floss in place.

Stitch the first tassel to the center back of the cape.  I used a back stitch and stitched through each tassel twice.

 After you knot your thread, pull the needle through the front tassel.

 Brush out each tassel with a toothbrush or a cut off eyebrow brush.

Measure and trim the tassels to your desired length.  I cut mine to 3/4".

Alternate Cape Fringe

Before I found the tassel maker, I made fringe for the capes.  I used pearl cotton for the fringe and cut 4" lengths.  Each fringe uses 3 lengths.

 Another view of the back stitches.

 From the back side, insert a small crochet hook through the back stitch.

 Fold the 3 strands of pearl cotton in half and wrap it around the crochet hook.

 Pull the fringe through the stitch.

 Grab the fringe and pull it though the loop.

 Pull the fringe tight.

Fringe from the right side.  Trim the fringe to the desired length.


For instructions on how to make a pillbox hat, click here.

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