Friday, March 24, 2017

Style 146

This beautiful dress was inspired by a 1955 Balenciaga design.

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View A

View B

View A Dress
Mark the darts on the satin underlining and baste the lace pieces to the satin pieces.

Stitch the darts and press.
Side seams

Lining darts, press the lining darts the opposite direction of the bodice darts.

Side seams

Stitch the lining to the bodice top, clip curves, turn right side out and press flat.

Baste the lace skirt to the satin skirt.

Stitch the skirt to the bodice

Press up the bodice lining seam allowance.

Hand stitch the bodice lining to the dress and stitch the center back seam.

Cut or tear the satin into a 12" strip.

Cut 3" off the end of the strip for the cummerbund.

Cut or tear the fabric into 2  6" strips.

Stitch the ends together and press the seams open.  Press out the wrinkles.

Fold the flounce in half and gather stitch.  Mark the middles of the flounce.

Mark the center front and sides of the skirt with pins.

Pin the flounce to the skirt. the seams on the flounce should match the sides of the skirt and the centers of the flounce should match the skirt's center front and back.

Gather the flounce to fit the skirt, stitch, remove the gather stitches and zig-zag or serge the seam.

Hand stitch the lace trim to the top of the bodice and on top of the flounce seam.

View B
I lost all the photos of the construction of view B, but it is constructed the same as view A omitting the flounce.
The skirts are a little bit different on the dresses.

The dress on the left's skirt pieces were stitched together and treated as one piece, and the skirt on the right's lace and lining were stitched and hemmed separately.
 Press up a narrow hem on the cummerbund and the seam allowances on the cummerbund ends.
 Stitch a narrow hem.
 Gather stitch the ends of the cummerbund.

 Stitch the cummerbund to the ends.

Hand stitch the ends.


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