Friday, January 22, 2016

Style 140

This outfit was inspired by a 1953 Pierre Balmain design.

For more information and photos of this outfit, click here.
 Baste the lace to the top of the satin underlining pieces.

 Stitch the lining to the bodice pieces at the neckline, under-stitch, and press.
 Turn bodice pieces right-side out and press.
 Clip the scalloped edging off the bottom of the lace.
 Hand stitch the lace to the neckline.
 Gather and stitch the bodice to the skirt.
 Stitch the skirt lining to the bottom of the skirt, under-stitch the seam.
 Stitch the back seam between the markings.
 Hand stitch the skirt lining to the bodice.  Sew on the snaps.
Hand stitch the lace to the bottom of the dress.
 Baste the lace pieces to the top of the underling pieces.
 Shoulder seams
 Ease stitch the top of the sleeves.
 Stitch the sleeves into the armholes.
 Stitch the lining to the bottom of the sleeves, under stitch.
 Stitch the side seams and turn the coat top right-side out.
Stitch the lace skirt to the skirt lining at the center fronts.  Turn the skirt right side out, press.  Stitch the skirt to the top if the coat.

Hand stitch the lining to the coat skirt at the waist.
 Marking the coat's hem.
 Hemming the coat's lining, part 1.
 Hemming the coat's lining, part 2.  Mark and hem the lace skirt.
 Stitch up the bottom of the coat.
 Top stitch around the center front and neckline of the coat.
 Hand stitch lace around the coat.
 Stitch the lining to the fur cuff. Turn the cuffs right-side out and hand stitch the opening closed.
Stitch the cuffs to the sleeves and a hook and thread loop to the front of the coat at the waist.
 Fuse the stiff interfacing to the hat tops.
 Whip stitch hat wire around the outside of the buckram.  Tape the wire ends together.

 Wrap the satin strip around the buckram piece and hand gather it around the buckram.
Press up the end.

 Overlap the pressed end of the ruffle.
 Gather stitch around the hat tops.  Pull the thread to bring in the edges, press.

Hand stitch the hat tops onto each side of the hat.
Mark the stitching lines onto the Lycra and stitch.


  1. Hi ! I am very happy to have find a blog like your, because you explain each step how to sew. Thank you so much to share with us. I can imagine all the time it can take to sew and to add all on the blog. See you soon.