Sunday, May 3, 2020

Style 160

 This ensemble was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's unfinished 1962 film "Something's Got to Give". 

not my photo

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Lining darts

Shoulder seams

Lining shoulder seams



Turn sheath right-side out and press

Side seams

Cut 1/4" off the bottom of the lining.

Stitch the bottom of the sheath to the lining.

Back extension for the FM Marilyn doll

Turn the back extension right-side out and press.

Stitch back opening



Shoulder seams

Stay-stitch the neckline

Stitch the collar, trim the corners.

Turn the collar right-side out and press.

Baste the collar to the neckline between the markings.

Ease-stitch the top of the sleeves.

Stitch the sleeves to the armholes.

Coat:  Stitch the center back seam, shoulder seam, stay-stitch the neckline, sleeves.

Stitch the bottom of the coat sleeves to the lining.  Under-stitch the lining.

Side seams

Stitch the lining to the coat at the fronts and bottom.

Turn the coat right-side out and press.  Stitch the back opening closed.

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