Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style 101

Inspiration Pictures

"Chain Stitching"

Pressing the Collar On My Point Presser and Clapper. ( Awesome artwork courtesy of my oldest son when he was 3 years old.)

Easing the Sleeve Into the Armhole.

Buttonhole Interfacing

Sleeves and Lining Pinned at Sleeve Bottom.

Underarm Seam (I originally used the navy fabric to line the sleeve, but I had to remake the jacket and I used white lining, the other way ended up a little bulky.)

Pressing Underarm Seam Open

Under Stitching on the Bodice.

Pressing Bodice Drape Open

Two Bodice Drapes and Bow

First Bodice Drape Placement

Sew Bodice Drape to the Top of the Bodice

Second Bodice Drape Placement

Bodice Drape Folded and Whip Stitched to Bodice Back

Bow Placement


Pocket Flap Marked and Stitched


Ready For the Hem

Measuring the Hem

Pressing Interfacing and Wonder Under to Hat Pieces

Pressing Crown

Sealing Crown With Wonder Under

Hand Gathering Around Hat Top

Gather Seam Allowance Until It Turns Up

Sew Crown To Hat Top

Fold End of Hat Crown To Match Up With Other End

Sewing Up Hat Crown

Hat Bow ( I folded up the sides of the "knot" to make it narrower)

Slip Waistband


  1. You should appear on Martha Stewart's show. The sewing looks complicated to me, definitely not for beginners. I am still struggling sewing for fully lined jacket. I guess sewing is not for me. The hat looks easy to follow.

  2. OH my!!!! My mom allways said it was just a s complicated to sew a barbie dress as a real one. It takes almost as long. You make it look easy!. Gorgeous work.
    Are the patterns for the dolls for sale or just the dress for the doll?
    Love Love Love it!