Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Style 102

This design was inspired by the classic film "Rear Window" starring Grace Kelly.

I wish the pictures were a little better.

Left and right shoulders/sleeves with the ends pressed up

Shoulder placement on bodice

Hand stitching the shoulders to the bodice. Make sure the lining doesn't poke out of the seam.

Tacking the shoulders at the ends

Satin collar being hand stitched onto the neckline.

Collars knotted at the center of the dress and knot is covered by a little bit of satin ribbon.

Ends of collars are tucked into the openings in the side seams.

Painted belt buckles drying


  1. do you have a pattern download for these lovely outfits

    1. I sell my patterns for $11. Email me at mrsswip@yahoo.com if you are interested, thank you.