Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Style 119

This stylish travel outfit was inspired by the 1953 movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" starring Marilyn Monroe.  Pattern includes the instructions for the dress, fur wrap, hat, muff, and gloves.
Click on any photo to make bigger.  Many of these photos have been lightened to show the detail.


Stay-stitch the inside of the bodice front and lining.

Stitch neck wraps
Hip drape
Hip drape basted to the left side seam.
Neckline stitched to lining
Neckline under-stitched
Sleeves are stitched to the sleeve lining.
Skirt lining is stitched to the bottom of the skirt.
Under-stitch the skirt lining.
Underarm seam pressed open
Skirt lining is basted to the waist.
Bodice lining is hand stitched to the back opening and the waist.
Center front opening is hand stitched closed.
Neck wraps are crossed over each other.
The ends of the neck wraps are tucked inside and hand stitched closed.
An extra snap is stitched to the back of the dress, and the matching snap is stitched to the opposite strap.
This will help hold the neck wrap down.
Hip drape is tacked to the right side seam
A thread loop is stitched on the left side above the hip drape.
The right side of the hip drape is tacked in place and a hook is stitched to the inside of the drape.
Hip drape is hooked on the left side.
Trace around the glove pattern to mark the stitching line.
Mark the center of the inside of the hat.  Clip a small hole at the marking.
Insert the two trimmed feathers into the hole.  Hand tack the feathers and use a tiny dab of glue on the stitching.
Turn under the seam allowance on one end of the muff and match it to the center of the muff.
Place the other end of the muff on top.
Flip the muff over and pin the batting onto the muff.
Stitch only the long ends of the muff.

Clip the corners of the muff.

Turn the muff right side out.
Stitch the muff into a tube.
Fur Wrap
Stitch the center front seams on the fur wrap and the lining.
Pin the lining to the fur.  Use a lot of pins to keep the two layers from shifting.
Stitch the long sides of the wrap starting from the center front seam.
Trim and clip the seam allowances in the neck area.
Mark the shoulders.
Hand tack pleats at the shoulders.


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