Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Style 120

This beautiful suit was inspired by a 1954 Pierre Balmain creation.
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 Darts are marked, and edges are fray-checked (optional) 

Baste the lace to the underlining.

 Press the chiffon strap seam open.

Press the pleats into the strap.

Baste the center of the chiffon strap.
 Bodice front pieces
Strap is pinned on the center of the upper front bodice.

 Chiffon strap is sandwiched between the bodice front pieces.

What the bodice front looks like after it is stitched together.

 Bodice front lining- leave an opening so the strap can pass through it.
Press the seam allowances open.
Stitch the lining to the top of the bodice and mark the pressing line on the bodice lining waist.

 Skirt is stitched to the bodice and the center back seam is stitched and pressed open.

Strap is passed through the lining.

Lining is hand stitched closed.

Two snaps and a hook are sewn to the back of the dress.
Straps are pleated and fitted to the back of the dress.


Finished sheath with belt.


Sleeves are stitched into the armholes.

Coat lining is stitched to the coat at the sleeves.

Sleeve lining is under stitched.
Lining is stitched to the coat at the neckline.

 Neckline is pressed open.

Hand stitch the hem.

 Coat lining is stitched to the hem.
 Tuck the lining at the front hem.

 Cutting out the fur.

Hemming the fur.

 Hand stitch the fur collar to the coat.
 Marking the fold lines on the fur cuffs.
 Trim away the fur along the edges.
 Wrong side of the cuffs
Finished coat
 I fray-checked one of the edges of the hat crown.

 Interfacing fused to the hat pieces.
 Chiffon hat trim and Wonder Under pressed
 Stitch the crown to the top.

Finished hat
Cocktail Dress
Chiffon strap was gathered instead of pleated in this version.



  1. I am so tempted to try this but I can't even get around to hemming my jeans. This is a gorgeous creation.

  2. Gorgeous! Where do you get your shoes?

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Love the tutorial!!! You are awesome!!!

  4. Just beautiful! I am getting ideas of what to make for my granddaughter. Thanks so much for this.