Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Style 126

This beautiful wedding dress was inspired by the 1957 movie “Funny Face”.  

For more information about this design click here.


Stitch the front and back darts.  Press the darts towards the center front and the center backs.  Repete for lining.

 Pres the seam allowances for the underarms down between markings, repeat for lining.

 Stitch the lining to the bodice at the neckline.  Clip the curves and under-stitch the seam.

 Stitch the side seams up to the armhole markings.  Clip curves, repeat for lining.

 Press all the side seams open.

 Gather the tulle skirt to the bodice and stitch.

 Hand stitch the lining to the bodice at the armhole.

 Hand stitch the bodice lining to the waistline and back openings.

 Stitch up the back of the skirts.  Mark the under skirt hem by measuring up from the table.

 Stitching the underskirt hem.

Stitch a loop at the top of the back neckline for the veil.


Notch the ends of the two bows.

 For the head bow, fold the ribbon in thirds and tack in place in the center of the bow.

 Fold the ends of the knot under, and wrap it around the middle of the bow.  Stitch the knot ends together.

 Head bow


 The bow that goes on the back of the veil gets gathered in the center.

Press the ends of the knot down.

 Hand gather the top of the veil.

 Stitch the head bow over the gathers on the veil.

 Make sure not the stitch through the top of the knot.

 Bow is pinned to the doll's hair.

 Tie some thread around the veil about 1/3 of the way down the back of the doll.

 Stitch the bow on top of the knot.

Stitch a hook to the underside of the veil.

 Veil hooks to the loop on the back of the dress.


Trace the stitching line onto one side of the glove fabric.

 Pin down the top of the gloves.

 Stitch around the markings.

 Trim close to the stitching.

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  1. Gorgeous and I love the background you used for her. <3