Monday, November 3, 2014

Style 127

This suit was inspired by a paper doll outfit and a 1954 Jaques Fath design.  Pattern includes the instructions for the suit, collar, fur collar, hat, and cuffs, muff, turban, and belt.

For more information about this suit click here.

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 Stitch the side backs to the center back, and the side fronts to the center fronts.


 Cut 1/8" off the bottom of the sleeve linings.

 Stitch the sleeve linings to the sleeves, stitch the center fronts and neckline.

This photo shows how the sleeve lining is under-stitched, but do this before you stitch the jacket front and neckline.

 Underarm seams.

 Marking the jacket hem.

 Pressing the hem facing seam.

 This photo shows how I graded the center front, and facing seams to reduce bulk.

 Mark the hemline with a basting stitch and trim the seam allowances in the hem to reduce bulk.

Hand stitch the hem.

Hand stitch the lining to the jacket.

 Fold the extra lining by the front facing....

and stitch.

Top stitch 1/4" from the edge of the right jacket front (I think I wrote the left side in my instructions, Oops!).  I did this because I didn't use buttons on this jacket.  If you want to use buttons, you don't need to top stitch the edge.  The top stitching anchors the facing and jacket together so they don't pull open when the jacket is snapped closed.

Snaps, the second snap from the top is placed right on the bust line.  all the other snaps are spaced the same as the top two snaps.  Sew the snaps on the right side of the jacket.  Make sure the stitching doesn't show on the outside.  Sew through all the layers on the left side of the jacket when sewing on the snaps.

Press the sleeve hems.

 Stitch the thread loops for the fur cuff hooks.

 Tack the jacket to the facing at the shoulders.

The bottom front corners stretched out a little on this jacket.  I suggest making a slightly deeper seem here to reduce the stretch.



 Side seams

Cut 3/4" off the bottom of the skirt lining.

For more photos of the skirt construction, click here.

Velour Trimmed Collar


 Under-stitch the lining at the neckline.

Sorry this photo is so bad, photographing black is hard.  This photo shows the basting stitch one edge of the velour trim.

 Ease the trim to fit the collar without puckering or stretching.

 Trim pinned to the collar.

 Trim folded under and hand stitched to the wrong side of the collar.

Hook and thread loop

Fur Collar and Cuffs

Pin the linings to the fur pieces.  Use lots of pins!

 Hand stitch the openings closed.

Mark the middle of the cuff ends with pins.

 Sew the hooks slightly off center on both ends.

 Like this

 Hooks sharing the loop on the sleeve.

 Sew a hook and thread loop to the collar.

Fur Hat

 Fur is trimmed a little from the edge of the hat.

 Mark 1/2" in from the edge.

 Match the edge of the hat to the marking, and using a running stitch, hem the hat.

 Pull the stitching to gather up the hat a little to fit the doll's head.

This hat could be lined, but I think it is fine without the lining.


Fur is trimmed from the edges, and the lining ends are pressed 3/8".

 Pull the fur out of the stitches.

 Stitch the ends of the muff together.  Make sure to keep the lining free.

 Trim out the fur in the seam allowance, and clip the ends diagonally.

Slip stitch the lining together and turn the muff right side out.


 Belt top stitched

 Belt end

 Trim belt.

Sew buckle to the belt.

My genius way to paint and dry the belt buckles.

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