Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Style 130

This suit was inspired by the unfinished 1962 film “Something’s Got to Give” starring Marilyn Monroe. 

Pattern includes the instructions for the suit, adjustable hat, and purse.
Stitch the side fronts to the center fronts and the side backs to the center back. 
 Shoulder seams

 Stitch center back lining.  Leave an opening for turning.
 Clip neckline at shoulder seams.
 Ease stitch top of sleeves.
 Stitch sleeves to jacket.
 Press sleeve seam.
 Collar and lining

Press the collar fur side down on a Velvaboard. 
 Stitch collar to jacket.
 Stitch lining to the jacket at the neckline. 
 Under-stitch lining at the neckline.

 Under-stitch sleeve linings.
 Underarm seam

Stitch the bottom of the jacket.
Stitch the jacket fronts.

Hand stitch the back opening closed.


Snaps and Hooks

Whip-stitch the long ends of the cuffs together.

Cuffs and skirt trim




I plan to add general instructions for the skirt soon.
 Hem left short end and bottom of hat crown.
 Ease-stitch top of hat crown.
 Don't pull the threads too much.
Stitch hat crown to top.

Hook and thread loop

Use paper to help the Ultra-suede to go through the sewing machine.

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  1. You are amazing!!! Do you ever sell your patterns!!!! I love this!!!