Saturday, April 11, 2015

Style 133


This ensemble was inspired by the 1964 Alfred Hitchcock film "Marnie".  For more information about this outfit, click here.
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 Coat back lining seam-leave opening for turning.

 Press back seam open (not pictured, stay-stitch the top of the back lining, clip curves).

 Stay-stitch curved seam allowance on coat front facing (sorry the photo is so washed out)

 Stitch the front facings to the front linings, press seams towards the lining.

 Stitch the back lining to the back facing.
 Shoulder seams, clip curves and press open.

 Stitch the sleeves hems together.
 Under-stitch the sleeve hem linings.

 Stitch the front opening and neckline, clip curves and press open.

 Not pictured- stitch the under arm and side seams- press seams open.

 Press coat flat, and mark pocket placements.

 Hand stitch pockets to the coat.

 Trim a little bit of the fur from the seam allowances.

 Stitch the lining to the fur cuffs, leave opening for turning, trim the corners.
 Hand stitch the opening closed.

Hand stitch the cuffs to the bottom of the coat.
One of these days I plan to make general instructions for my sheaths and straight skirt patterns.  I always forget to photograph all the steps.

 Shoulder seams

Armhole and neckline seams

 Trim seam allowances and clip curves.

 Side seams


 Hem the short ends.

 Whip-stitch the long edges together.

Stitch the short ends together to form a circle.
View B
I forgot to photograph most of the steps for this outfit.  I will add photos later when I make it again.
Tack the bow to the center front on top of the satin trim.
 Stitch the purse to the lining.  Leave opening for turning.

 Trim corners.

 Turn purse right side out, press.

Hand stitch sides, sew a snap and bead in the centers.


  1. I just made the Marnie suit. I made view B.I used a pink and gold thin fabric. And a different trim.And it came out beautiful .The patterns are a lot different then other patterns .But I made it. Thanks Deborah G