Saturday, May 9, 2015

Style 134

This outfit was inspired by a 1952-1953 Dior design.

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Stitch the darts- this fabric was bulky, so I cut the front bodice darts in half and pressed them open.

 Shoulder seams

 Stitch the collar together and stay-stitch the bodice and bodice lining necklines.

 Trim the collar seam allowance (I used pinking shears), press seam open, turn collar right-side out, and baste the opening closed.

 Stitch the collar to the bodice neckline.

 Stitch the sleeves to the bodice.

 Stitch the bodice to the lining at the sleeve hems, under-stitch the lining.

 Stitch the bodice to the lining at the bodice fronts and neckline.

 Underarm and side seams.


 I reduced bulk in the bodice by trimming down the front darts on the bodice lining.

 I didn't trim down the front darts on the bodice.

Turn bodice right-side out, press.

Stitch the skirt to the skirt lining.

Leave an opening in the left side for turning.

Match up the center backs and press.  Trim the bottom of the skirt so that the skirt and the lining are exactly the same size.  You do not want overhang like in this photo.

Not pictured, stitch the bodice to the skirt.

Hand stitch the lining to the waist seam.  stitch a hook and a thread loop at the waist.  Turn up the cuffs 3/8" and hand tack the cuff at the underarm seam.

 I forgot to photograph the measuring of the skirt hem.  This skirt has already been hemmed, but this is how I measure the skirt.

 Mark the where the pins at the hemline, this will be your stitching line.  Remove the pins.  Turn the skirt inside out and pin the lining to the skirt.

Stitch along the markings and trim away the extra fabric.

 Press the seam open.

 Turn the dress right-side out through the skirt opening.

 Hand stitch the opening closed.


Finished Dress


These photos have been lightened to show the details.

 Stitch the two hat pieces together.

 Trim the seam allowance.

Turn the hat right-side out.


Hem one short end of the muff.


 Mark the center of the muff.

 Match the ends with the center of the muff.  Stitch the sides.
 Turn the muff right-side out.

 Pin the two ends together.

Hand stitch the ends together.

 Gather the top of the muff.


 Top stitch the belt.  Trim close to the topstitching.

(add photo here)

Hand stitch the belt to the buckle.

View B

View B is constructed like the dress in View A.  Use the View B collar, and omit the sleeves. 

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