Thursday, June 4, 2015

Style 135

This design is inspired by a 1956-1957 Modes Royal pattern.

For more information about this design, click here.

 View A
 View B in embroidered chiffon
 View B in lace
View C in embroidered chiffon
I realized while I was editing my photos that I forgot to take pictures of a number of steps.  I will add them later when I make more of these outfits.
The bodice for all three designs is the same.
Some of the photos have been lightened to show the detail. 
Click on the photo to make it bigger.
Bodice darts, press the darts towards the center fronts and the bodice lining darts the opposite direction to reduce bulk.

 Stitch the bodice fronts to the lining.  Trim the corners.

Turn the front bodices right side out, press, and baste the openings closed.

 Sashes and straps stitched and pressed

 Stitch the sash and strap pieces together with two rows of gathering stitches.

 Gather the chiffon pieces between the side seams on the top of the dress, baste.

 Baste the front bodice pieces onto the chiffon.  The center fronts will overlap a little.

 Knot the stretch cord about three times on the end of both 7"  lengths.  Pull the knots tight.

 Hand tack the stretch cords to the tops of the front bodices.

 View from the right side
 Dress the doll.
Pin the straps to the back of the dress.  Add at least 1/4" to the straps to allow space for the sash to slide under the straps.

 Cut off the excess straps and stitch to the inside of the back bodice.

 Fit the stretch cord to the back of the dress.

Hand tack the stretch cord to the bodice back.
 Hand gather the strap to the stretch cord at the shoulder.

Sash is slid under the strap and tied in the back.  I didn't sew the sash in place because it looks better if the sash can be adjusted to fit the doll each time.

Back view of the tied sash

View A

add photo here

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View B
 Baste lace to the underlinings.

Bodice side seams
Stitch skirt to the bodice.

Under skirt

 Hand stitch the bodice lining to the skirt seam allowance.
View C
Baste the embroidered chiffon pieces to the satin underlining pieces.  Stitch the darts. 

 View of wrong side
Stitch side seams.

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