Monday, August 17, 2015

Style 137

This 9-piece ensemble was inspired by a costume from the 1956 film "The Opposite Sex" and  a 1950 Balmain design.

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Click on the photos to make them bigger.  Some of the photos have been lightened to show the detail better.
Knit Dress
I forgot to photograph all the steps for the dress.  I will add the missing photos later.
I included pictures and instructions for the dress with snaps and with a zipper.  They go together differently!  See the pattern's instructions for detailed instructions.

 Ease stitch the sleeves

Dress with
Shoulder seams and sleeves

 Stitch the lining at the neckline and sleeves.


 Side seams

Dress with zipper
Stitch the center back seam, use a 3/8" seam allowance.  Press the back opening's seam allowance.

 Hand baste the zipper to the back opening.

 Stitch the zipper.

 Shoulder seams


Side seams

Press side seams open

 Hand stitch the lining to the back opening.


 Shoulder seams, arm holes, and vest front

 Clip the neckline.

 Side seams

Vest hem, leave an opening for turning.
 Stitch beret pieces together.

Trim the seam allowance.


Press and stitch one end of the muff.

 Pin the batting to the center of the muff.

 Fold the muff.

 What the other side looks like.

 Stitch the sides and trim the corners.

 Turn the muff right side out.

Hand stitch the muff ends together.


 Top stitch the purse flap.

 Press up ends of lining.

 Baste the purse flap to the top of the purse.

 Stitch the linings to the purse pieces.


 Stitch purse together.  Clip corners.

Stitch the end of the purse lining.

 Tuck the lining inside the purse.

 Crimp ends on the purse handle


Jump rings, and bead closure.


 Stitch the scarf, trim the corners.

Turn the scarf right side out and hand stitch the opening closed.


Stitch long edge of the turban.  Leave an opening for turning.

Press the seam open and center it on the turban.  Stitch the ends and clip the corners.

 Turn right side out.

add knot photo here

add snap photo here


Mark the ends of the belt and top stitch.
 Trim the seam allowance.

Hand stitch the buckle to the end.
 Mark the stitching on the glove linings.

 Stitch the lining to the gloves, stretch the seam as you are sewing it.

 Stitch the gloves together.

Trim the seam allowance and turn the gloves right side out.

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