Thursday, June 2, 2016

Style 142


This suit was inspired by a 1954 Givenchy design.

For more photos and information about this suit click here.

Tunic Jacket
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 Mark the stitching line on the interfacing.

 Fuse the interfacing to the front facing.

 Mark the wrong side of the center front piece.

 Sew the side fronts to the center front.

 Sew the side backs to the center backs.

 Shoulder Seams

 Staystitch the neckline and clip the curves.

 Sew the ends of the collars.

 Baste the collar pieces to the neckline between the markings.

 Sew the side front lining pieces to the center front.

 Sew the side back lining pieces to the back facings.

 Shoulder seams

 Staystitch the neckline

 Sew the sleeve lining to the sleeves.  Understitch the lining.

Stitch the lining to the neckline.

 Cut down the center of the "V", trim the corners.

 Side seams

Turn the jacket right side out, press up the back opening's seam allowances and stitch the opening closed.

 Sew 3 buttons to the bottom of the jacket.


Hand stitch the front half of the collar to the jacket.

Collar Hook


For the skirt directions. click here.


Coming soon!

Straw Hat

You can purchase the hat straw here and here.

This is the juice I bought for the lid.

I mad the base of my hat form out of a plastic wide mouth Mason jar lid.

Mark the center of the hat form.

Super glue the juice lid to the Mason jar lid.

Put double sided tape all over the base of the hat form.

Pull the string on one side of the braid to make the braid curve.

Press the braid into the tape along the outside edge of the hat form.



Leave a little tail.

Tape the crown area of the hat form.  Wrap and glue the ungathered end of the hat straw around the form.

Wrap and glue the hat top.

Hand stitch or glue the hat pieces together.

Glue ribbon around the hat.

Hat bow- notch one end of the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon into thirds.  Mark the center of the bow.  Fraycheck one end of the "knot".

Wrap the knot around the bow.  Hand stitch or glue the knot. 

Glue the bow over the ribbon seam on the hat.  Bow can be worn either in the front or at the back.


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