Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Style 156

This ensemble was inspired by a 1951 Jacques Fath design.

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Baste the dress fabric to the underlining.

Mark the darts.

Stitch the darts and press.

Side seams

Press up the ends of the petticoat trim and press the trim in half.

Baste the trim to the bodice.

Bodice lining

Under-stitch the lining and mark the bottom seam allowance.

Turn the bodice right-side out.

Gather the skirt to the yoke.

Hem the center backs of the skirt.

Pleat the yoke to fit the bodice waist.  Stitch the skirt to the bodice.

Hand stitch the lining to the bodice and snaps.

Stitch up the center back seam.

Tack the bodice trim down at the side seam.

Stitch a narrow hem


Mark and stitch the darts, use tissue paper strips under the darts.

Press the darts.

Shoulder seams and stay-stitch the neckline

Stitch the collar

Turn the collar right-side out and press, stitch the collar opening closed.

Baste the collar to the neckline.

Press up the ends of the lower sleeves.

Fold the lower sleeves in half and press. gather the top of the lower sleeves.

Stitch the lower sleeves to the upper sleeves.

Ease stitch the top of the sleeves, finish the sleeve seams with seams-great.

Stitch the sleeves into the armholes.

Stitch the neck binding to the neckline.

Press the seam up.

Trim the neckline seam allowance.

Press the binding under and stitch.

View from the wrong side.

Trim the binding close to the stitching.

Top-stitch the binding to the neckline.  Stitch the side seams.

Hand stitch the lower sleeves together.

Hems and snaps.

View B

Finish the armholes.


Mark the dart placements.

Mark the darts, 1" x 4"

Hem the center backs and stitch the darts

Serge the darts' seam allowances.

Fold the waistband in half and baste.

Gather the skirt and stitch it to the waistband.

Trim the seam allowance.

Fold the waistband and stitch in the ditch.

Wrong side of the skirt. 

Fold up the ends to fit the doll and sew the hook and loop.

Stitch the back seam and hem.


Paint the belt buckle.

Stitch the belt

Slide the buckle on the belt and sew the hook and loop.


I made the hat block with a yogurt container, 

and a racket ball.

Cut a hole in the middle of the lid.

Stuff the container with wash clothes.

Place the ball on top of the wash clothes and put the lid on the container.

Cover the ball with double sided tape.

Cut a length of hat straw.

Pin the hat straw to the ball 1 1/4" apart.

Gather up one side of the hat straw by pulling the cord.

Glue the straw around the pins until the hat has four rows on each side.

Gather stitch around the curved sides of the veil.

Gather up the veil.

Stitch the veil to the front of the hat.

Wrong side of the hat.

Fray-check the centers of the flowers.

Sew the flowers and beads to the hat.

Pin the flowers to the hat.

View B Hat

Make a straw bow and tack it to the side of the hat.


Trace the glove stitching lines onto tissue paper.

Fold down the top of the Lycra down and fold the Lycra in half and pin the tissue paper to the fabric.


I used copy paper strips at the top of the gloves to keep the sewing machine from eating the fabric.

Tear off the paper and trim around the stitching.

Turn the gloves right side out.

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