Sunday, July 7, 2019

Style 157

This outfit was inspired by the 1957 film "Funny Face".

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Bodice darts

Bodice lining darts

 Shoulder seams

Lining shoulder seams


Trim neckline seam allowance, under-stitch lining.

Press neckline

Stitch armholes between markings.

Clip the seam allowance at the marking, press.

Under arm seams

Stitch lining to peplum.

Trim seam allowance, under-stitch the lining.

Stitch the peplum backs, trim the corners.

Turn peplum right-side put, press, and baste the opening closed.

Press down the top couple of inches of the skirt and skirt lining center back seam allowances.

Pin the lining to the skirt, gather stitch the top of the skirt.

Stitch the peplum and the skirt to the bodice.

Let the doll wear the dress for a day or so.

Mark the hem from the table top up the skirt.

 Mark where the pins are.

With right sides together, stitch the skirt to the lining at the markings.

 Trim the seam allowance.

Under-stitch the lining.

Stitch the back seam between the markings.

Hand stitch the bodice lining to the dress.


Mark the center of the peplum.

Hand gather the peplum.

Bow and knot

Fold the bow and stitch the ends.

Trim the corners.

Turn the bow right side out and press, press up one end of the knot.

Gather the middle of the bow.

Stitch the knot around the bow.

Tack the bow to the center of the peplum.


Hat form is made out of a food container with a lid.

and a racket ball

Mark a circle in the middle of the lid.

Cut out the circle.

Stuff the container with wash clothes.

 Place the ball in the container.

 Fit lid on top of the container.

 You now have a hat form.

Cover the lid and ball with double sided tape.

 Gather up one side of the hat straw by pulling on the cord on one side.

Pin the hat straw to the lid.

Glue the rows of the straw.

Hat brim

Hat top

Glue or sew the top of the hat to the brim.

Glue flowers to the top of the hat.

Glue flowers to the bottom of the hat.

 Fold the yoke in half and pin, gather the tulle skirt.

 Stitch the skirt to the yoke.

 Top stitch the seam.

Stitch the back seam.


Mark the stitching lines on tissue paper.

Pin down top of gloves and pin pattern onto the fabric.


Use strips of copy paper to keep the sewing machine to eat up the gloves.

Remove tissue paper and trim close to the stitching.  Clip the thumbs.

Turn the gloves right side out.

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